Charlotte's Web Sites

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Site setup: price varies with content and number of pages.
Basic guideline is as per below.

Simple site
Under 6 pages -- starting at $495.00

Small site
6 - 11 pages -- starting at $795.00

Hosting charge: $25.00/month*
includes 1st 10 minutes of maintenance and regular audits

Medium site
12 - 21 pages -- starting at $1075.00

Large site
over 22 pages -- starting at $1995.00

clicking each link above will open a site of that size in a new window

Complexity, and therefore cost of web sites and web pages varies greatly, depending on content. $100 per page is a good guideline for a static content page. Interactive pages are extra. Please call or e-mail me to discuss your needs.
*Hosting charge is reduced if we host more than one site for you.